Out of Our Heads

The Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Me

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Hardcover Out of Our Heads with Proof of Truth black and white 487 pages  $34.99

The Proof of Truth are the telexes, telegrams, contracts, notes, letters, drawings, magazine articles, and newspaper articles that I amassed during my seven years rock’n’roll

  Audio book with my raspy voice. $19.95

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Ronnie Schneider

After leaving ABKCO, he did the Rolling Stones 1969 and 1970 tours and produced the Maysles Bros film, Gimme Shelter, sometimes called “the greatest rock film of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band”. Rock critic Robert Christgau described the Rolling Stones’ 1969 US tour as “history’s first mythic rock and roll tour,” while another rock writer, Dave Marsh, called it one of the “benchmarks of an era.” It was launched on almost no money, rolled across America hand to mouth, and concluded with calamity and death at the Altamont Speedway in Northern California on December 6, 1969. For historians, Altamont came to symbolize the death of hippie idealism; the day American youth culture was changed forever, ushering in a new era of fear and cynicism.

 Join me on the road, in the box office and in bed for seven years of Rolling Stones, Beatles, Herman’ Hermits and other people you think you know.  Meanwhile, land with Mick and me at Altamont…


“Ronnie Schneider we’d known. He’s Klein’s nephew but he broke away from him. He’s a smart cat. I dig Ronnie. He’d been on a lot of tours with us handling business and hung around with us. He was the only cat we knew in ’69 who could handle the Stones tour that everybody knew, that we could leave to get on.


Keith Richards Aug. 19, 1971 Rolling Stones interview

Book Reviews

Best book on The Stones ever! And I’ve read most of them in the past twenty years. It’s a classy book and written so you feel like you’re there. The author has known them since the Sixties and was their tour manager for five years, traveling around the world with them and bearing ’round the clock responsibility. His story of Altmont and what really happened there and why is the most accurate one you’ll ever read but that’s just a small part of this book where the reader feels like he or she is in the dressing room or keeping Keith and Bobby Keys out of jail when they’re blitzed on drugs and booze or in the studio when the band are recording. What surprised me was that Ron Schneider is a wonderful writer…one who makes the reader feel you’re there with him and Mick, Keith, Bill, Charlie and Brian Jones (and eventually Mick Taylor, that often superb guitarist,) dressing room…on the bus, the train, the plane, the limousine or…that YOU are the THE one being searched by the cops. By Sharon Lawrence (Author of Jimi Hendrix)
Aptly titled, the book, to say the least, is an excellent insight into the music scene of the late 60s to the 70s, its ups and downs and the pains and pleasures. Ron managed the Beatles for ABKCO, his legendary uncle Allen Klein’s company for many years and independently managed the Rolling Stones till the 70s. In 5 decades of my readings, I have rarely come across a book that is so well researched and documented – a must read for the fans as also everyone interested in the entertainment industry. By Gazza
The book contains lots of content we’ve not read before, nor seen before. Some are photos; many are archival documents and other artifacts. Half the book is Ron’s stories, memories, and anecdotes. The other half is called “Proof of Truth” — i.e., Appendices; this latter part is sort of like a scrapbook. This is a book that will be cited often, starting pretty immediately and extending into the future for a very long time as original “primary source” material by those documenting the Stones. It will also be useful and noteworthy to those looking at the bands, events, people, culture of the times (particularly the 1969 Stones tour time period, but also the 1965 and 1966 Stones tours–as well as some interesting glimpses into Japanese Spaghetti Western film making).
Additionally, there are some very fine never-heard Beatles stories and insights into the band at a time when they were transitioning management and their organization from Brian Epstein to Allen Klein, by way of Eastman.

In my opinion, it is a remarkable collection of both stories and artifacts that allows people to experience exactly what it was like to live and work through one of the most tumultuous artistic periods in modern history, alongside some of the most iconic musicians the world has known. Chris Epting, Huffington Post Contributor Author and award-winning journalist
Setting out to write a book on the Rolling Stones or The Beatles is no easy feat–what is there still left to say? Not much, unless you were there with the Stones and The Beatles on the road and in the studio and saw from the inside how these two legendary bands functioned. The author, Ronnie Schneider, is the nephew of Allen Klein: the man who kept the books for both the Stones and The Beatles and the person who would ultimately managing both bands. Schneider started out by working in Klein’s accounting office and eventually worked up to the point where he was overseeing the Stones on tour. This is an amazing story and provides a lot of insight and secrets you never knew about Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Schneider talks about life on the road, in the hotels, onstage, and much more. There is a fascinating account of the Stones free show in Altamont and the ensuing debacle that followed

Ron has a perspective of the Stones that hasn’t been documented yet. His take on Altamont and Gimme Shelter are distinctly his, and keen readers will find the many details fascinating. Susan Doran-Rolling Stones Fan
If you think you’ve read everything there is to know about the Stones and The Beatles, you haven’t–not until you’ve read this one. By Curled Up With A Good Book.com: Steven Rosen
Aptly titled, the book, to say the least, is an excellent insight into the music scene of the late 60s to the 70s, its ups and downs and the pains and pleasures. Ron managed the Beatles for ABKCO, his legendary uncle Allen Klein’s company for many years and independently managed the Rolling Stones till the 70s. In 5 decades of my readings, I have rarely come across a book that is so well researched and documented – a must read for the fans as also everyone interested in the entertainment industry. 5 stars A MUST read! By Amazon Customer
This is a terrific book — fun, informative and a very interesting read. And it’s different. Not your typical retread on the Rolling Stones and some of the big events that shaped our culture and have now become part of the history of Rock n’ Roll and the 1960’s. If you want the real story on Altamont, read this book. Ron Schneider tells the inside story and backs it up with documents and timetables that challenge and ultimately refute most of the mythology that now surrounds the historical record of the event. “Out of Our Heads” places you inside the inner circle of the Rolling Stones as they’re launched on the chaotic rocket ride that propelled them past simple pop-stardom and into superstardom as The Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band in the World. This book is filled with great stories that haven’t been told before including some fascinating anecdotes about the Beatles (They thought about acquiring the movie rights to The Lord of the Rings trilogy). It also has charming stories about John, Paul, George, Ringo and includes separate drawings that both John and Paul made for Ron during a business meeting that gives you unique insight into their thoughts on Apple, Ron and the business side of the Beatles. If you love the Rollings Stones and the Beatles, your bookshelf is probably crammed with slick, glossy books about these two great bands. Do yourself a favor, instead of buying the next one that comes out with the same retold stories — buy this one, it’s unique.
5 stars My favorite period is the 1969 US Tour  I have been a Stones fan since my youth in the early 70’s. My favorite period is the 1969 US Tour. Ronnie (the author) is a central figure of this period as tour manager and ABCKO employee. Ronnie’s uncle is Allen Klein who pretty much owned the Stones recordings and business dealing up till about 1970. So Ronnie is the REAL deal. I won’t recount what you can easily read, but any Stones and Beatles fan will love this book. I especially recounted the dealings to get “Gimme Shelter” the film produced. Do yourself a favor, get this book in whatever form works for you. It will deliver for you. The author backs up his story with a mega proof which includes an enormous amount of documentation at the end of the book. Thanks, for the great insights Ronnie. By timmyj3

Leibowitz Family 5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book, well worth the purchase.
January 3, 2020 Format: Paperback
It was fascinating, interesting, and very well written , I enjoyed it very much.
Your detail and recollection of events and accounts put me on your tours with you .
The average Rolling Stones fan such as myself doesn’t realize what goes on behind the scenes of a tour or project.
The lawyers, financial contracts, limos, airplanes, hotels, food, personalities, promoters, music production, con artists, and tickets etc, certainly turns a seemingly simple straightforward endeavor into a complicated maze of twists and turns toward the ultimate goal of the correct and best “numbers “ to satisfy all concerned.
Thanks for writing and documenting your tours with the stones .
-Larry L.
R. Lee 5.0 out of 5 stars Great read! .
June 27, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition
I really enjoyed this book. I’ve been on a kick lately reading bios of musicians,bands,recording engineers ect. mostly from the 60s-70s time frame. I was looking for another one and found this on amazon for $3.99 so I thought what the heck I’ll give it a shot. Well I just finished it and was very sad that I came to the end of the book. Excellent read for someone who is interested in the music and the music business of that era.!
4.0 out of 5 stars Very Interesting view of the Stones.

May 16, 2019
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Quite an Interesting book on the Stones. Different from any other books about them, with humour and facts, maybe a bit too much about numbers and contracts however Ronnie Schneider likes numbers. Factual book, with a lot of amusing and unknown stories, giving a totally new perspective to the Stones. Worth to read, I can only recommend. Even if Ronnie Schneider is not a writer, he has got a style and a capability to make you stick on the book during hours. It’s a pity that he didn’t continue with the Stones to get more stories and numbers

A PRESENT TENSE ACCOUNT OF WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE PART OF THE STONES. Ron Schneider provides a PRESENT TENSE account of what it was like to be a ROLLING STONE at the height of their fame which kept growing and growing. From inside the fishbowl and all the planes trains and automobiles along the way, you can’t help wonder what you would do if given such a chance during your 20s. The Stones came off as very down to earth and willing to work very hard most days to show up for work, which was twice (or thrice) as long as any 9 to 5 job around. To keep such a railroad moving took a clear head of Mr. Schneider and a group individually and together willing to work real hard to get where they were going. Being a rock star is a dream come true, for sure, but each member, and that includes their manager, went rough each day as true troopers. Many concerts were frightening for the band, always having to plan their getaway though throngs of over charged fans, or poor designed stage situations which often had fans grabbing, attacking, or engulfing the band. I never knew exactly what it would be like, but this book placed me in the lives of The Rolling Stones, as if it were happening TODAY. A MUST READ!
A stunningly successful reminiscence!
Fun ride. Lot of interesting insights into The Greatest Rock and Roll Band.
Game Changer: Truth Behind The Rock n Roll Legends

Out Of Our Heads by Ronnie Schneider was one of the most rewarding things I have read in a long time! Featuring his day to day account of how life with The Rolling Stones and the Beatles actually went down, Ronnie makes it evident that to manage the game changers of Rock and Roll history, took flexibility, a solid sense of humour, balls, and on-the-spot courage. What struck me most about this book was Ronnie’s character and the trust these musicians all placed in him, in order to make it to the top. This was a book I simply couldn’t put down and was I ever grateful I encountered Ronnie at a composer’s breakfast and then had the dumb luck of a sit down interview! The stories in his book painted vivid pictures of life in the behind-the-scenes music industry, and put me in another world for days. Perhaps, most extraordinary yet understandable for an accountant, are that he documents by letters, tickets and receipts all of his stories he tells in the book! This was a benchmark read for my music history and I hope it is equally inspiring for anyone looking for an insider view to the Truth behind The Rolling Stones and the Beatles music history. -Winifred Adams, Making Life Brighter Radio

International Reviews

Aaron Mullen 5.0 out of 5 stars Very good
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 2, 2019 Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Very easy read and oozing authenticity… mick raped by bill wymans Astrid.. who knew! I’d never heard of ronnie before and was surprised to learn he was alan Klein’s nephew. Nice clear prose style. Would’ve liked to twice as long.
Paul Whiteley 5.0 out of 5 stars A fantastic book that gives some amazing insights into the Stones …
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 19, 2017 Format: HardcoverVerified Purchase
A fantastic book that gives some amazing insights into the Stones and the Beatles. In particular, it provides some fascinating information about the planning of the Stones’ 1969 and 1970 tours – ie the logistics and the business deals that took place behind the scenes. A brilliant book and a must-read for all Stones fans.
An Owl 5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on May 11, 2017 Format: HardcoverVerified Purchase
Excellent book with many new and interesting perspectives on The Rolling Stones
Rockndcl 5.0 out of 5 stars Great book for all the Rolling Stones fans!
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 17, 2017 Format: HardcoverVerified Purchase
Great book! Tons of interesting memorabilia. Too bad it only covers 5 years of the band’s career.
Johnny Ringo 5.0 out of 5 stars Great book about a great Rock Band!
Reviewed in Germany on August 16, 2018 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
If you enjoy insider information about the tours of the Rolling Stones do not look further. This is an amazing read with lots of insider information from somebody who worked with the Rolling Stones for many years.